Be prepared for the unexpected with a Taser Pulse or Taser Bolt!

TASER Self-Defense tools are built from the same powerful technology as our law enforcement weapons.

Our civilian line is legal* to own, easy-to-use, and effective. TASER Self-Defense tools are made to give you peace of mind while fitting into every aspect for your daily life. With consumer-focused features like a 30 second knock-down cycle per trigger pull* and a 15-foot safety radius to keep attackers at bay, TASER Self-Defense tools were designed to give you precious time to escape dangerous situations and to keep you and your loved ones safe.

* Legal to own in 45 states. DC, HI, MA, NJ, NY, and RI ban the civilian sale of TASER weapons. CT, IL, MI, and WI are legal with certain restrictions and requirements. If you have any questions regarding your ability to carry a TASER in your state or municipality consult your local law enforcement agency or see the list of requirements by state for additional information.

**30-second knock-down cycle per trigger pull is only available on the civilian projectile devices (Pulse and Bolt) and the trigger can be reengaged to deliver multiple knock-down cycles if a safe escape can not be made. The professional series (X2, and X26P) cycles for 5 seconds per trigger pull with the ability to add time up to 30 seconds with additional trigger pulls.

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