Pepper sprays, personal alarms, and stun devices, such as stun guns, rings, and stun batons are popular personal security items for women, students, runners, joggers, real estate agents, etc.. Pepper sprayers shoot a stream of spray onto the assailant, causing temporary sight loss, pain, and coughing. Personal alarms are small devices that fit into a pocket or purse which emit a loud noise to ward off an attacker. Stun devices deliver an electrical shock to the assailant, temporarily paralyzing them.

Self Defense Products: Having self defense items available can be invaluable self-defense products during emergencies. A lot of people think about non lethal self defense products items like pepper spray and stun guns to use during robberies and muggings, but women’s self defense products emergency situations such as storms and civil unrest also come into play. Most people will work together to help self defense products for women each other during an emergency, but there are others that take advantage of the self defense products for college students situation to steal and in some cases attack victims of a disaster. Self defense items should be included in your plans buy self defense products and packed in a survival kit. Best self defense products Stun guns, pepper spray, knives, striking batons and distress signaling devices are some of the items that you can use to repel aggressive people.

What is a stun gun: A stun-gun works by disrupting nerve signals within the body. Stun guns do this by discharging a high voltage, low amperage electrical current. Pressing a stun gun flashlight against the body (or in the case of stun gun vs taser, firing electrical probes) will discharge this current. While the best stun-gun voltage is very high, amperage is low enough not to cause permanent damage unless the vipertek stun gun is applied for a long period of time. That’s the reason you should disengage your lipstick stun gun as soon as the attacker is immobilized and run to safety cheetah stun gun. Buy the best smallest pink cell phone zap guard dog rechargeable jolt electric streetwise keychain flashlight stun gun at the best online runt stun gun for women store that carries the best small powerful lipstick personal stun guns at the best prices within stun gun laws.

Pepper Spray: The primary ingredient in pepper-spray is oleoresin capsicum (OC). It’s a natural oil found in many types of hot peppers and our best pepper spray gun, keychain. It’s odorless, colorless and flavorless, but just 0.00003 ounces of pure capsaicin will cause blistering effects and pain. Mace pepper spray is dispensed from some type of aerosol canister and these can be disguised to look like ordinary everyday items. The oleoresin capsicum is mixed with a water or oil based solution so it sprays properly. A propellant is pressurized in the canister to expel the liquid. Buy pepper spray causes a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, mouth, throat and skin. This can last up to 45 minutes or more. The eyes will likely swell shut for at least 15 minutes. Throat swelling causes a deep cough and can last from 3 to 15 minutes. Buy online best pepper spray brand, fox labs, mace, foam, sabre at our store where we have lipstick and keyxhain disguised pepper spray for women and read laws for new york, california, wal mart, amazon michigan.

Personal self defense products: Self defense is more than purchasing stun guns and pepper spray. You have to know how to use the female self defense products and more importantly ladies self defense products, when to use them. Consider taking some basic self defense classes in your area. These are good for general conditioning and knowledge. Being prepared is also about situational awareness of your surroundings and best self defense products for women. Watch where you park and be careful when walking alone. Learn how to deescalate a situation to avoid physical confrontations. Give the other person a reasonable way to stand down and save face while doing the same for yourself, but don’t put yourself in harm’s way. Proper training will give you the skills to make these decisions quickly.

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Stream, forced cone, fogger, and foam are the four types of pepper spray. Stream sprays deliver the spray in a straight line, hitting the assailant directly in the eyes. Users do have to aim accurately, however, as the stream has a smaller target radius. Forced cone sprays have a spray radius of about two feet, and can hit targets that are six to 12 inches away. These sprayers deliver a fine mist that is easily inhaled by the attacker. Fogger sprays are ideal for groups of assailants, as they produce an even finer mist and larger target radius. Lastly, foam sprays consist of a thick foam solution that produces the same effect as the spray. It does not wipe away as quickly, and over time it absorbs into the skin causing even more pain and irritation.

A stun gun is a device that delivers a High Voltage electrical charge into the assailant, leaving them temporarily debilitated. They typically lose control of their muscles as the electricity disconnects their brain from their voluntary systems. Stun batons and rings are alternatives to traditional stun guns, offering a more discreet and portable personal security solution.

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