Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray Blue


Pepper Shot Lipstick Pepper Spray Blue


A practical and preferred way for many women to carry their personal protection

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The 1/2 oz. LIPSTICK PEPPER SPRAY is 10% pepper spray designed for women. This attractive lipstick case is sure to deceive and ward off
potential attackers. Pretend you need to freshen your lipstick and POW! This ½ oz. pepper spray contains 20 half-second sprays with a range of 10
feet and is available in 6 colors: Black, Pink, Lavender, Blue, Red and Silver.


Pepper Shot 10% Plus
1/2 oz. Lipstick Pepper Spray
10% (2) Million Scoville Heat Units
Oleo Resin Capsicum with an Identifying Vegetable Dye

Please read the following information carefully

DIRECTIONS: Remove cap from lipstick pepper spray. Point can at attackers face and firmly depress actuator button. After spraying attacker, immediately run for help. If there is wind, you may wish to shield your eyes with your other hand. You will get approximately 6-10 one second bursts. The effective range is 6-8 feet. Use for defensive purposes only!

REACTION: Pepper Shot is an inflammatory agent. It will induce coughing, choking and nausea, as well as dilating the eye capillaries resulting in temporary blindness. The mucous membranes will swell to prevent all but life support breathing causing the assailant to be temporarily incapacitated. A one second burst of Pepper Shot will stop an attacker for up to 45 minutes without causing permanent damage.

FIRST AID: Avoid contact with skin. If contact is made, wash affected area thoroughly with water. DO NOT use any creams, salves or soap. Expose area to fresh air. Effects will generally
disappear after 45 minutes. If symptoms persist, see a physician immediately.

CAUTION: CONTENTS UNDER PRESSURE! Do not puncture or incinerate can! Do not store above 120 F.

WARNING: The use of this device for any purpose other than  self-defense is a crime under the law. Contents are dangerous-use with care. Misuse is punishable by jail, fines or both. Do not try to carry on commercial flights.

Made in USA

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Weight .12 lbs
Dimensions 4 x .88 in